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Interested in writing or submitting photographs for California Paddler Magazine? Please read the following to understand what we look for.

California Paddler Magazine (formerly California Kayaker Magazine) is a regional kayaking publication focusing on being the resource for paddlesports information for the southwest (CA, OR, AZ, NV, and Baja). We are dedicated to promoting fun and responsible paddling, and advocating for increased paddling opportunities in this region. Published two to four times per year on glossy stock in full color, it is distributed free at kayaking, SUP, sports, and boating outlets in the region. Every issue will also available as a free PDF download from our website.

Our readers paddle a variety of kayaks, canoes, SUPs, etc., in a variety of conditions (recreational, white water, rock gardening, surfing, racing, etc.) and vary in skill level from just entering the sport to 5 star paddlers. Our readers should come away from the magazine with new knowledge of some aspect of paddlesports. They want to read about events, trips, people, information on training and nutrition, in short, information that will help them get greater enjoyment from their sport.

You are a freelancer with enthusiasm and passion for the active lifestyle, as well as experience and knowledge of paddlesports. You don't have to be a pro, but you must have an eye for detail and understanding about the sport you are writing about. It also helps to be a good storyteller!

Important notes:

  • Articles cannot be commercial in nature and cannot represent a sales pitch for a product, service, or company. But, writers in the industry will gain benefit through the “by-line” describing the author.
  • Please also submit photos with the article, if possible. You must own the copyright, or have permission from the owner, to use the photo (so no just grabbing photos off the web).
  • Submission warrants that the work is original, created by you the freelancer, and that you own the first publish rights to all articles and photographs submitted. Articles and photos can not have been published before, nor ones that are currently being considered by another publication.
Still interested? More detailed writer's guidelines (PDF format) can be found here. It is worth reading this PDF to understand better what we are looking for.

We are now accepting submission of photos and articles. Please email submissions to us at the contact address listed here.

Yes, we do pay for the right to use the articles and photos.