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The magazine is on publishing hiatus as we look at the business model. If you would have been interested in advertising, do contact us as knowing of new advertisers could help us determine if we can restart publication.

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California Paddler Magazine (formerly California Kayaker Magazine) is a regional kayaking publication focusing on being the resource for paddlesports information for the southwest (CA, OR, AZ, NV, and Baja). We are dedicated to promoting fun and responsible kayaking, and advocating for increased paddling opportunities. We want to grow the entire market, benefiting retailers, tour companies, and manufacturers.

California Paddler Magazine is printed on glossy stock and packed with photos and stories written by local experts. Articles include places to paddle, trip stories, tips on how to improve your paddling experience, product reviews, and other information of concern to paddlers and the local paddling environment.

California Paddler Magazine is distributed free at kayaking, SUP, sports, and boating outlets in the region. Print runs have been growing with each issue, starting at 6500 copies for the first issue and now printing a mininum of 10,000 copies per issue (and has gone as high as 12,000 copies for some issues).

Every issue is also available for free from our website (available as both PDF and in an online Flash-viewable format), with each issue getting well over 1000 download in the first weeks after it was published (and each issue stays online forever, so continues to receive 50-100 downloads each month into the future even after newer issues are published).

One of the goals of California Paddler Magazine is to provide a targeted means for advertisers to get information about their products and services into the hands of people interested in paddling in this region, one of the largest markets (if not THE largest) for paddlesports gear.

For more information, The Media Kit (4 pages, PDF format) can be found here. It contains pricing, mechanical specifications, etc.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to Contact Us.

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